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Vertical Blinds
Streamlined Functionality

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have a fairly tarnished reputation, largely due to the wonderful era of the 80’s.  Peach and mint undertones were the popular choice with old ugly fabrics, complementing the equally awful brown linoleum that was once “desired”.  These unique shades have had a breath of new life, with upgraded PVC/Vinyl mixes and dozens of fabrics swatches to choose.  The colour fast warranty for these fabrics that come from the elite manufacturers we work with, make these an optimal choice in spaces with a lot of natural light.

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Vertical Blinds in Kelowna provide longevity in your investment

In the 15 years we have been in the industry, one of our favourite things about these Vertical Blinds, is the exceptional build quality, and the simplicity in design.  Made In The Shade Kelowna likes to equate too many moving parts in shades, as potential problems; because wear and tear does happen over the years, even with the greatest care applied to its maintenence. The easy practical way these unique Vertical Blinds have been assembled give long life.

Changing your mindset about Vertical Blinds

In the past, Vertical Blinds have been utilized to cover large spaces efficiently, and affordably. Patios being the most popular choice, and large expansive windows. While this still holds true in the majority of cases, there has been a shift made in realization that much more can be done with these streamlined looking wonders.  Like anything, when a job is done right, you get to see the true vision.  Streamlined functionality, is what you will receive when you choose these shades from Made In The Shade Kelowna.

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