Faux Wood Blinds in Kelowna - Kelowna's most popular choice

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Faux Wood Blinds
The most Popular Choice in Window Coverings

Faux Wood Blinds

Kelowna’s most popular choice in window coverings

Time-honored elegance is what could best describe this classy window covering, that is easily Kelowna’s favourite. It never grows out of style and lends a beautiful stability in style approach. Faux wood blinds are some of the most durable coverings offered in the industry.  Equating to half the industry’s retail sales, Faux Wood Blinds offer affordability and longevity. These factors really help establish the reason for the consistent popularity in the over hundred years this type of shade has been in the industry.

Cordless options are now available for both wood and faux wood in most window sizes, the only negative in my opinion would be that the cordless option only allows the shade to be lifted up and down and still requires cords for the tilt.  It does however, remove the majority of the cords that would otherwise cause a potential choking hazard. When going the cordless path, always keep in mind that there are weight restrictions especially when it comes to Faux woods as they tend to be heavier.

Light control have always been a premium with these coverings, as you can tilt and direct the light in several different ways throughout the day as necessary.  At night, have them closed for the complete privacy. In Kelowna, because of the high temperatures, they work great for every setting of the house. Having the ability to accommodate the colour scheme in your home, by providing a huge selection in premium stains, Faux Wood Blinds provide warmth in every room of the home.

On our You Tube Channel, our Window Covering Specialist Michael, goes through some of the hand samples we have in our premium quality selection of these gorgeous Faux Wood Blinds.  At Made In The Shade Kelowna, you can feel confident in your Faux Wood Blinds investment for your Okanagan home.

“Classic is always in style”