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Kelowna's Frequently Asked Questions about Window Coverings

Questions and Answers

You’ve asked us Kelowna, and we are answering!  Some of your most frequently asked questions about window coverings.

(Q) Which style of window covering is most popular ?

(A)  Currently the trend is leaning less toward a product, and more to a feature.  Adding motorization operation capable of integrating with devices you carry commonly on your person such as, but not limited to iPhones etc. is what is very desirable in Kelowna.  Manufacturers have come a long way in advancements of technology, meaning these options are available in most window coverings available.

(Q) What kinds of shades would work best for me ?

(A)  This is something that depends on many factors, including the location of your home, style preferences, room location etc.  Over the years I have learned that the best window covering is one that functions first and foremost, in the way that you need it to. For example, if your kitchen is hot because it faces the sun for the majority of the day then I would suggest function over aesthetic first, such as a cellular vs a roman shade. The best thing to do is schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with Made In The Shade Kelowna, and we can help you make the best choice, for your space!

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(Q) Are Window Coverings dangerous for my children, or my pets ?

(A)  To answer this question with out getting too technical; the simple answer is yes. Anything with a cord can be a possible strangulation risk. Knowing your product before the purchase is important if you have little ones or pets around the house.  Although cordless blinds are not able to completely eliminate the internal cords that make up the structure of the blind, they still offer a huge safety benefit by eliminating the exposed pull cord.  Made In The Shade Kelowna takes this very seriously.  Please head over to our blog post to learn more about this.

(Q) Which coverings will work best in the Okanagan summer heat ?

(A)  Cellular shades most definitely work best in the dead heat of summer, offering the best in ‘bang per buck’ that money can buy from the industry.  With several options available in light filtering and room darkening fabrics, these practical shades offer excellent insulation against the heat and cold!

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(Q) How long will my window coverings last ?

(A)  This depends on a large variety of factors, including the style of window covering you choose, the fabric selected, and the installation process itself.  For example, the life of a resilient product like Shutters, where they essentially become permanently affixed in the space, will likely last significantly longer than a more delicate covering, like Roman Shades or Silhouettes.  If you live in a home with several small children, and a critter or two, it’s likely the coverings may not last as long as ones where they are installed in a home without.  Schedule an appointment with Made In The Shade Kelowna to provide you with a complimentary quote in the comfort in your home!

(Q) How long does it take for my order to arrive ?

(A)  Depending on your order, it could take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks from the date ordered, sometimes longer depending on the customization of the product selected.  I have seen some cellular orders hit our shelves a week from order, to a week and a half, or longer due to fabric shortages or unavoidable shipping delays. Most orders go exactly as planned and arrive either right on time, or even early in some cases – but we have a theory here at Made In The Shade Kelowna that so long as the end result is perfect, a little extra time is worth it!

(Q) What is the best “bedroom blind” ?

(A)  In our humble opinion the best bedroom blind is one that blocks 100% of the light as part of its main function.  Whether your tastes are more modern, or classic, there is a solution perfect for your sanctuary.   Many products offer more than one fabric on one headrail, providing you with virtually limitless options to make your bedroom exactly how you dreamed.  Floor to ceiling draperies are the perfect accompaniment to any window covering, adding soft elegance, with added room darkening benefit if needed.

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(Q) What is the most economical approach for my bottom line, when it comes to Window Coverings?

(A) Let’s call a spade a spade shall we; everyone wants to know what the cheapest option is.  If I were to offer my best advice for obtaining the best solution for your home, with the money available to you, I would do two things:  Curate a list of “needs”, and a separate list for “wants”.  Once you’ve decided this, then when getting quotes based on those two premises, you can feel fully informed in deciding from there what is more important to you.  Worry not however, our Window Covering Specialists at Made In The Shade Kelowna will help you through the entire process.

(Q) Why are window coverings so expensive?

(A) Window coverings, as with any other major expense in your home, or office, should be considered as an investment in your home and future.  One can’t expect to receive the quality that Lexus delivers, while paying the price of a Toyota.  Made In The Shade Kelowna works with only elite manufacturers, ensuring we deliver the best quality products to our valuable clientele every time.  We work diligently with our vendors, and have maintained an excellent rapport, to pass savings onto you.  The investment of beautiful Wood stained shutters, are very custom, equating to the cabinetry installed in your kitchen.  The value of an investment piece like this is far superior to a quick fix that you could pick up at any big box store.  Feel confident with any window covering you select from Made In The Shade Kelowna, because we only offer the best quality products, at affordable prices.

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(Q)  Where is your showroom???

(A)  This is likely without a doubt the most frequently asked questions we get!  The answer is simply, wherever you need it to be!  Made In The Shade Kelowna is a mobile based franchise servicing all areas in central Okanagan.  We have serviced incredible clients in Peachland, Vernon, Lake County, Kelowna, and more!  We carry a wide selection of samples, from only the elite manufacturers we carefully select to work with.  This ensures your complete comfort in your investment.  See the samples of your dream window coverings against the colour scheme in your home!  There will be no need for second guessing colour choices; you can hold the swatches against the paint colour, or trim yourself!  You don’t need to drag your significant other, or kiddos down to a busy store, with noisy smelly crowds, while waiting for a customer service agent.  Shop in the comfort of your home, with the experts of Window Coverings – Made In The Shade Kelowna.


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